Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

We had a pretty good week of school. In regards to my last post, I think I am just going to add a few extra Egypt projects of our own. I think I need to be fully immersed in a topic to feel like I did it justice! And I have been waiting to study this period of history for a couple years, so I have been so excited about it...I just need to do a few things of my own! Since we had 2 half days this week, we need to push most of our history assignments back a week anyway, so I will have plenty of room to add in a few projects. We'll see how it goes!

Zeke wrote a personal narrative, which you can read here. He also began two-digit multiplication, which he picked up very fast. It is nice to see him grasp things so quickly because he is building on a good foundation.

Abby also wrote her first paper, and starting regrouping in math. She had a day of intense character training as well :)

Eli continues to plow through his kindergarten math and the first grade English curriculum! I'm not slowing him down! He started counting by tens and adding tens this week. Onto something else next week!

Micah is still enjoying his preschool activities...seems to have a bit of trouble recognizing his letters when I point to them, and we only have A, B, C, and D on his board...I'm not sure if he really doesn't know them, or is trying to be funny...he truly is a clown...Anyway, this week he worked on writing D's, and we made donuts one day for a snack. Fun! Oh, and I did hear him utter "biblos" once when he was playing. This is one of our Greek words we learned in vocabulary a few weeks ago!

Here we are coloring our notebook sheets, dressing up in some Egyptian costumes (Although I can't convince anyone to be a pharoah or Egyptian queen for Halloween, darn!), learning about Upper and Lower Egypt, and how sound the structure of a pyramid is.


  1. King Menes' crown is awesome! And so is the collar. You guys are doing great. I love that you are in about the same place we are in MFW. My oldest is in an ancient history class at co-op and they've been doing some of these projects and since I'm the helper, I get to document it all with my camera! How nice is that?

    The coloring on the farming picture is really nice. My kids will sometimes color and other times not. So I did this one!

    We are planning to try our hand at a reed boat tomorrow. Even though the extra projects are not scheduled, I feel like we have time to do some and the books provide good instructions.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures! Your blog helps keep me documenting our journey! :)

  2. When I looked at this post the first time, I missed the very last picture of your pyramid & cube structures. Yours look just like ours! I'm really enjoying Ancient History!

    And I forgot to tell you how much I like your fall blog theme! I'm thinking I might give mine a seasonal make-over too! :)

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