Friday, May 13, 2011

Just Dropping By

Just sitting here at Abby's gymnastics borrowing air time from Jungle Jave :) AH, internet! We borrowed a "hot spot" from Verizon for a few days and, while it was quite slow, it was better than not having internet at all! But, it seems that Comcast has said "YES"!!!! We can have, all we need to do is trench...perhaps a few more weeks!!

What's been happening....

We have slowly been getting more and more settled in our new house. I am the slowest at this transition. I often get very upset all of a sudden at the remaining piles of boxes in a few corners of the house, cry at the shower curtain lying on the ground waiting to be hung, look at the new landscaping that needs weeding, trimming, mulching and turn my back quickly to it! I'm sure I'll be much better off in another year!!!

We have had lots of fun raising tadpoles straight from the eggs we found in our pond a few weeks ago! We will only have 3 weeks of our CtoG curriculum we won't make it to this year ( I agree with my friend Lisa--the history has been lacking in this curriculum since we finished up Egypt--we still haven't made it to Babylon yet!!! I guess that is the price to reading so much of the Bible in chronological order with young students...). We are in the midst of soccer, soccer, and more soccer! We enjoyed another Wild Swan production today--Treasure Island. Without TV, the kids are reading, reading and reading! Although, I'm not too crazy about these American Chiller books they have discovered and like reading...I have been planning which workshops to attend at the INCH conference this year, planning my two co-op classes for next fall, correcting lots of school work, folding and putting away LOTS of laundry...

I'll stop by all of your blogs to get a quick update from you!

Till next time I get air time :)