Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Soccer


When you walk out my front door, or into my backyard, you will get a full whiff of these lovely, fragrant flowers! I love them! They smell amazing! Not so good for the local allergies, but they are only around for a few weeks!


For the second week in a row, the boys have geared up to play in the drizzle. And can I say that it is downpouring AGAIN? It has been a weekend of rain, thunderstorms, and downpours! This is pushing our deck finishing off another week, but I think I see a few dry days in the forecast this week and hopefully it can get done then!

A Happy Boy

Well, Micah was a happy boy on Saturday! He got his date with daddy--and a day out with Thomas! They are each so sweet when they are one-on-one :) Micah was all smiles from the time we started talking about his turn to go see Thomas with daddy right up to the grand finale--a gigantic jaw-breaker!

Unfortunately, this morning he was quite sick and ended up having a fever today that kept him in my arms and sleeping all day long. I have also been feeling really yucky all weekend long. Just what we needed the week before we are leaving on vacation, right?! :)