Friday, October 1, 2010

Fun field trip

We took a half day this Thursday because it was one of those perfect Michigan fall days. Low-70's sunny, breezy...aaahhhh....we jaunted over to one of our favorite fall stops. I was not going to buy our pumpkins yet since the squirrels and ants love them and often eat them before we even get to carve them, but I couldn't resist! They were huge and not that expensive. And we had the favorite donuts and apple cider--the only time besides camping that I allow myself to eat donuts! And above, the hay maze/tunnel is always a hit!

Here we are enjoying their local farm animals :) (We were looking at pigs--down wind!)

Micah choose about 5 pumpkins, here is one of his finds:

Nice family shot...I've noticed we don't have many of these! Gotta work on that!

Happy Fall Days!!!

1 comment:

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