Friday, October 1, 2010

The down side to organics...

do not view following picture if you have a really weak stomach!

I went on a local grown kick this summer and had a great time going to the AWESOME Kerrytown Farmer's Market every Wednesday, and have continued the trend this fall by going on Saturday mornings. I love buying my eggs there, fresh fruit from in-state orchards, local lettuce, squash...and plan on putting my order in for a 1/2 a cow with a butcher 25 minutes southwest...but this week, I was reminded of the down side of buying organic:

EEWWW, EEWWW, EEWWW!!!!! YES! That is a HUGE, JUICY WORM!!!!!!!! AAGGGHHH! Unfortunately, the first worms I found were in the broccoli I COOKED the night before! I about tossed my cookies right there at the dinner table when I forked a huge, nice, fresh piece of broccoli and almost put it on my son's plate until I saw the worm. I am still mortified. I will NOT be buying broccoli from the farmer's market anymore. I either need to eat our own, worm free organic broccoli, or buy my favorite pesticide rich, but worm-free broccoli at my local Kroger :) I am still not over this and am noticing how squeamish my stomach is the older I get!


  1. Well that's horrible!!! The only stowaways I've had in my organic box is ladybugs and flies. I can deal with those. :)

  2. Yes, those are much less offensive!!!! :) The weather was so horrible Sat morning that I did not make it to the Farmer's Market this week...but I did have to stand outside at soccer games!

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