Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Catch-Up on School Reviews!

If I am remembering correctly, we did manage to get two days of school in last week before we all got sick. This week we are catching up, although we have a half-day tomorrow and no school on Friday due to a field trip, so maybe next week will be our catch-up week :)

I had a random twenty minutes yesterday afternoon, so grabbed Eli and Abby to finish up the Nile River model we attempted. I can't find the site where I got the directions for this, but in my recent searches, found another cool model of the Nile River where you actually "flood" the river and have grass seed growing on either side. Too bad I didn't find it when I was looking for models to make! That would have been neat, but it is too late now! At least we got to carve out the irrigation ditches in this model.

We did get to build our sugar cube pyramids last week and Zeke was dismayed at how imperfect the cubes were and frustrated that they would not fit together like they should! He is way too much like me!!! We also made some mummies, which was a fun and quick project! And that last picture is Abby thinking out of the box, as usual. She made dice out of the sugar cubes :)

We have been plugging along at fractions (Zeke), tally marks (Eli), and "money math" (Abby). We just finished an English chapter on nouns and after discussing a very rough English day with Steve, we have decided that Zeke could use some "homework" in the English department. There are some things that he is just not catching on and not remembering like I think he should by now...possessives, proper nouns to name a few. And getting him to write a "more creative" sentence is just painful. Today was a difficult day for homeschooling...I was ready to send them all away to school! But then, I wouldn't get shots like this:

"Mom, it's too sunny at my desk. I can't see anything." "Here, use your sunglasses :)"


  1. And if you sent your kids to school, you would have the added stress of HOMEWORK! Yuck!!! Who wants to deal with that???

    You're doing great. It's a season. :)

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