Monday, October 11, 2010

Creation to the Greeks wk 4.5

Well, I stand to be corrected! I have been finding PLENTY of projects to do for Ancient Egypt. Not a surprise, I know. I have gotten some books from the library (based off of the book list in the back of the TM) that have some nice ideas for projects as well as the curriculum's Ancient Egypt book (I can usually find the same projects with simpler directions and steps in other sources). This past week, we worked on a model of the Nile River, which is finally dry and just waiting for some paint :) And we attempted to make a reed boat using directions from a library book. We also made a model of a succah, since I was not up for constructing an actual structure in our backyard (although we are having such beautiful Indian summer weather here, I kind of wish we had so we could be eating lunches outside under a succah structure!!!). The kids have REALLY enjoyed learning the books of the Old Testament and Micah is often wandering around the house singing the song '...Numbers, Dueteronomy..." We used the song off of Wee Sing Bible Songs.

We are plugging along in our core subjects too. Here is Micah working on his letter "E" this week. Eli completed book 3 of the SSRW Raceway book this week. Zeke conquered two-digit multiplication rather quickly, although he still needs lots of drill work. He just needs to be quicker at his basic facts. Abby was introduced to regrouping in math and caught on quickly.

We continue to enjoy our experience at co-op. The most stressful part is trying to reach all 3 of my younger children in time to transition from first to second hour classes. But, thanks to the help of another mom, I think I can manage it easier now without finding Abby crying in the bathroom!

This week are studying mummies and pyramids, discussing the meaning of Sukkoth (we are a little off-schedule with the weeks in the curriculum...), beginning fractions (Zeke), cursive writing (Abby), getting our teeth cleaned, and celebrating birthdays this weekend!

Hope you all have a good week!


  1. I knew you could do it! We are making a reed boat this week and I'd like to make a model of the Nile also. Did you make up your own way, find instructions on the internet, or in a book? (Respond to through e-mail if at all possible -

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