Sunday, March 7, 2010

Six "F's"

Well, our week without daddy is wrapping up! We had a wonderful time with my mom this week. It helped having her here while Steve was gone. I wasn't so lonely :) Unfortunately, my camera also traveled to El Salvador, so I have absolutely NO pictures of all the great happenings of this week! We did not do any school, and even my great plan of catching up on some things failed! All we did was finish our Olympic lapbook and play MathBlaster.

I have many ideas milling around my mind, but I am going to go and sit down for a few quiet moments before everyone's "quiet rest time" ends abruptly. We have had some beautiful spring-like weather here and the other day, my mother-in-law came to give me a reprieve for 3 hours! I ended my (much needed) time ALONE at a park with the windows rolled down and bible and journal in hand. It was so refreshing, although I was still too cold to brave a walk :) Anyway, I was left with 6 "F's"...Words to describe what each member of our family is going through right now. Fruit, Failure, Fears, Frustration, Following, and Fury. Steve is seeing a lot of FRUIT on his trip! I am struggling with my constant FAILURES to obey the word of God. Zeke has developed some FEARS that come out in different ways. Abby is trying to find a good and helpful way to handle FRUSTRATION. Eli is learning how to FOLLOW Jesus in practical ways. And Micah is a ball of FURY at times :) and we are working really hard at training him. The older the kids get, I see that my ability to control things in their lives diminishes (as it should!). It is scary, yet really good to see them struggling with things and being here to (hopefully) turn them to the Lord.

Feel free to prayer for us in these areas :) I look forward to having my camera back (I think I missed it almost as much as Steve :P), and sharing some of the great work that God did in El Salvador!

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