Monday, March 29, 2010

Times a flying'

Wow! March is just about over?! I hope I finish all my curricula by June! I always panic at this time, but the Lord always works it out just right for me and the kids. We had a pleasant but quick study of the middle east, focusing on Saudi Arabia this week. I am really finding this curriculum fascinating and love just sitting and staring at the world map and thinking about all the people that god created in the world and how very different our lives are from those around the globe from us...yet we have the same creator who loves us and knows us and wants to be with us's overwhelming, really....anyways....

Again, we are just plugging away in math and language arts. I'm taking it easy on Eli for the remainder of the year and decided to just find random readers for him and work on his handwriting of letters. That is enough for him, really. Let's we are writing the Arabic alphabet and our names in Arabic. That was tons of fun!

And we had a birthday boy in the house this week! My little grouch turned 3. (He really is grouchy and I HAD to get him this shirt! I think he is growing out of it, though--the grouchiness, that is, not the shirt. He is eating much better now and dropping all but one or two naps a week has helped his sleeping. He's turning the corner to being a big boy!)

We also got to go to a friends' school play, which was great fun for the kids. We stuck around late and played in the cafeteria and roamed the halls of a real school. Something very foreign to homeschoolers! Here are Abby and Zeke with their buddy Nate, who was a squirrel in the Willy Wonka school play. Good job, Nate!

Micah and Amelia:

And these two. Don't be fooled by their cute smiles. They are TROUBLE, and double when together! They need their own post someday...

Then we had a FUN weekend with a big party for Grouch and then church and a wedding shower and another birthday party for a friend. Here's Micah with his "wormy" cake at his party.

And here, it is almost 10pm and the kids are overdosed on gummy worms and Mario Cart. They had a blast!

PHEW! What a way to end a month! I wouldn't have it any other way :)


  1. So fun! I'd love to hear more about your geography program some time. That worm cake is really fun. What is it made of?

  2. Hi Amy! Feel free to email me any questions you have about the curriculum I'm using. I found a recipe for "dirt cake" online--it has pudding,mixed with cool whip and a cream cheese/powdered sugar/butter mixture, plus the oreos. Tasty, but better to be oblivious to what is actually in there :)