Sunday, March 21, 2010


Mapping out the rest of our year in our MFW curriculum had us in school until the end of June. Yikes. I can't do that! So, I saw the need to cram a few of the countries we are studying into a one week crash course instead of a two week tour. We finished up our study of Africa in a hurry this week, and we are going to spend only a week on Saudi Arabia. We will probably have to skip some of the science, since we have a few other extras going on this week too.

But here are some shots of our week! Now, this first photo has nothing to do with school, but it was a highlight of the week! We rescued a poor bird from our chimney. Every spring, we get one stuck down our chimney...maybe this year we'll install a screen up there?!?! Unfortunately, we usually let it die...sorry! But this year, we decided to rescue the bird. We were surprised at how big it was! It missed the box we were trying to capture it in, and instead ended up flying around our house, and eventually ended up in the upstairs bathroom, where we closed the door on it and daddy and opened up the found its way out easily! The kids were just shrieking and laughing and bouncing up and down the entire time!

Oops...I guess I don't really have many shots of "school time" this week. We tried the galimoto structures for our art project, but it did not go over so well. Everyone got really frustrated and just gave up. We loved the story though! So, we ended up trying out the dough animals from A Trip Around the World instead. We did enjoy reading about Samuel Morris in our Hero Tales book. And we are just plugging away at Language Arts and math all around!

Here is Eli showing off his new gymnastics skills! Eli and Abby are enjoying a gymnastics class this spring.

We will start soccer craze at the end of next month; or perhaps this one should take up track and field instead and become a hurdler?


  1. I hear ya! I can't go till the end of June either, and I think my kids would hate me if we did! I'm finding that falling behind is not uncommon, and I'm glad I'm not alone.

    How do you skip some science and feel like you're not missing something? I want to do that but feel guilty. But because I won't skip any of it, we are behind, which also makes me feel guilty. So, either way, I'm feeling guilty! Ughhhhh. I guess I need to just get over it and move on.

    We will be cramming until the end. Thankfully, we've done pretty well with language arts & math. At least until the last couple of weeks. Language arts is going fine, but we've done nothing but math practice sheets the last 2 weeks. That's not good! So, we'll have to try to double up on math lessons too so we can finish by June. If we don't finish it by then, I'm ok with doing a little math during the summer.

    That looks like a big bird in your house! I would have been freaking out too much to snap a photo of it!

  2. We are doing Japan in one week this week too. Sometimes you gotta just make it work, eh?

    Thanks for posting over at my blog. We have food allergies too, so that's I can relate. You asked about the crafts for my LittleSponge. My mom bought him this kit and it has lots of things in it to do
    She got it from Amazon for less and I've also seen it at Target. I come up with other random crafts for him (like the dot paints on letters), but he really likes the crafts from the Busy Box. Hope that helps :) Blessings to you!

  3. Sorry I haven't checked my blog for awhile and didn't realize I had comments! Lisa, I am having a hard time skipping science and I haven't skipped any yet. I'm just pushing my science lessons back and am a week behind in science only. I see some breaks in the weeks where I think I'll be able to catch up. (You know how sometimes they only have science twice instead of 3 times?) And we are doing full school days 4-5 times a week, so that is helping. I did skip the camel experiment, and a lot of the sheets during the pollution section. Science was my major in college, so I like to do a lot of it! I have faith that it will all work out in the end. It always does!

    Thanks for the tips on the craft kits too! I will look into those. I get into real trouble when I let my younger two start wandering aimlessly around the house!

    And by the way, having other blogs to read from moms who are doing the exact same things has been a huge encouragement to me this year and lots of fun!!!! Thanks for sharing!