Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random School Thoughts

We had a great time in school this week. We got to do our art project and some science outside since it was gorgeous spring-like weather here! Here we are after identifying some grasses at a nearby park for our grassland study. And then we had to have recess on the play structures, of course! Yeah!

We are studying Africa in geography for the next couple of weeks. We tried out plaster of paris and made some royalty hangings of our own. Someone else had suggested that we remember we are royalty because we are part of God's family. We are a holy nation!

Zeke began some division this week in math and it was a bit intense....spent a long time on math each day. I'm sure it is because it is a new concept, but I hope he gets the hang of it and can get a little quicker and more independent with it in the next week or so! Abby will be finishing up her math book in good time.

I finished our read-aloud for Abby and Eli this week, Jerry Muskrat, which in fit incredibly well with all our river and pond studies a couple weeks ago. I really enjoyed reading many of these Thornton Burgess Animal stories (we started these last year when I used Little Hearts for His Glory for Abby's curriculum...the read alouds were the only part of the book I ended up using! This year I am following this book for Eli's math, but I skip a lot of the activities). We are starting Lions at Lunchtime with Abby and Eli since it will fit in really well with our Africa theme. And we finally finished George Muller tonight and will start David Livingstone tomorrow!

I've really backed off on our bible times in the morning and am still trying to figure out the best routine for us. I am convinced that we need to be learning more scripture, but I'm having a hard time knowing what to focus on! I'm really going to do some research for next year and try to do a better job in this area.

I'm looking forward to plugging along the next couple months...we are a bit behind in some areas, so I need to find a way to combine some weeks of ECC and get through English a little quicker! I don't want to be in school till the middle of June!


  1. Sounds like things are going well for you. Doing art & science outside is so wonderful, isn't it? We've not done that yet this year. We could have last week though since it was so beautiful. Oh well. Next time!

    We were doing well with our Bible reading until the last couple of weeks. We even read all the stories in Hero Tales, until then. Looking back, I'm thinking that we could have skipped Hero Tales, even though the stories were interesting to me. Maybe a better idea might have been for me to read them for myself and just share what I learned. And some of the science would have worked out better that way, too.

    Great job for you though! I love your pictures and the art project looks "royally" awesome!!!

  2. Hero Tales? Yup, I stopped that a LONG time ago. We did read Samuel Morris during the Africa unit, though. I do find them very interesting but kids can only take in so much! I like your idea about pre-reading things and then sharing what you learned/found interesting. I've ditched the whole reading of Matthew and am doing a real spotty job on the memory verses. We've had some character areas to work on here, so I've chosen a few of my own memory verses for them :)