Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Superheroes

Micah: "Mom, I am amazing! I am a superhero!"

Good thing superheroes don't need their shoes on the right feet :)

Eli: "I'm so glad it is spring. That is the season when Mrs. ------- (our next door neighbor) comes out again. "

We are blessed with awesome neighbors, and Mrs. -------- has beautiful gardens that she lets the kids come over and walk through/help weed when she is out working in them. Apparantly Eli has missed her :) See our signs of spring:

Here is Eli, commenting on his new ability to read and his new habit of reading his little NIrV bible in the morning: "You can really learn anything from the Bible!"

He doesn't even know how right he is!

And the following picture just cracks me up! Eli hates his Wednesday morning chore of dusting. (That was always my least favorite chore too!) This week, he happened to spot a headlamp lying around somewhere on his way to dust and thought it would make his job more fun and help him see in those dark, dusty spots. :)

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