Sunday, February 28, 2010

Texting and the New Testament

I had to post this, even though it's been awhile since this conversation happened. About 2 Sundays ago, as we were driving to our favorite lunch spot after church, the kids were discussing what they "learned" in their Sunday school classes. Eli's story happened to be about Zaccheus. Zeke took over the conversation, narrating the entire story. And here is the all important climax of the story, 2010 techie kid version: "Jesus texted Zaccheus to come down"! I could hardly believe my ears.

"Did you just say Jesus texted Zaccheus to come down?" asked daddy.

"Yeah, he texted him to come down," quickly replied Zeke.

I laughed so hard all the way to lunch! :)

PS. Daddy, perhaps you do a little too much texting!!!!! :)

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