Sunday, February 28, 2010

Missing Daddy

Well, we said good-bye to daddy for 9 days. We are glad to be able to sacrifice our time with daddy so he can lead some college students on this yearly mission trip. We are praying for him everyday and waiting to hear what awesome things God will do on this trip.

In school time this week, it was a little bit of a jumbled schedule, but we managed to get most of our work done. We have my mom visiting next week, so we will have a very light school week. But that will give us a chance to catch up on science...we are a week behind...and we are way behind on our George Muller read aloud, so we need to finish that up! We also are slowly completing our Olympic lapbook, so we need to finish that as well. It will be a good catch-up week. Steve and I have been discussing how our eldest needs to work on his math drill facts more, so I purchased a math game and plan on having him spend a good chunk of time on drilling facts with it this week.

We had a really fun weekend, which helped the sadness of having daddy gone for awhile. We had some friends over Saturday afternoon, then Abby went home with them to have more time with her girlfriend while the boys and I went to Zeke's Upward basketball game. Then Zeke got to go home with grandma and have an overnight time all by himself with of the perks we are enjoying having a grandma living closer now! We all re-convened at Zeke's soccer game this afternoon, including my mom. We had BOTH grandmas over for dinner after the game; that never happens and was great!

I have no camera this week, since Steve took it to El Salvador with him. But when he gets back, I should have a cool new toy to try out and be able to post videos of all our happenings here!

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