Thursday, February 4, 2010

What We've Been Up to....

We have settled into our normal life again, and I am glad! We had a fun week at home getting back into full-time school...a highlight was a visit from some dear friends that moved away a few years ago...we love it when they come back to visit!

Here's Micah, Janine, and Zeke

Eli and Isaac chillin' with the guitars...I'm so glad I got this picture!

This week, we have also:

Finished a 1,000 piece puzzle! Some repairs are in need by now :)

Enjoyed our new TAG reading system!

Helped mom cook by dragging all the pans into the family room :)

Started watching the Star Wars trilogy! Tomorrow night's showing: The Empire Strikes Back

And, since we have been watching Jedi fighting, we pretend to be Jedi warriors, fighting the "bad guys". Micah was included in their war yesterday and kept walking around saying "Who you say I am, Zeke? R2-22?" He was hilarious!


  1. I wondered when little ones could watch these movies. All the 4-5 yr old boys in my Sunday school class know all the characters. The play acting sure sounds fun.
    Hugs, Amy E

  2. It is funny seeing them act it out. Empire Strikes Back was a much darker movie and they didn't like it as much as the first one...