Monday, February 22, 2010

Very Ordinary

With the exception of a few unfortunate "PMS moments", last week was quite enjoyable. We had a short, but intense study of Germany, ending with a meal out at a locally owned German restaurant. Here's 2 shots from school this week: Eli and his Cuckoo clock (we modified the crafts for this week), Zeke's drawing of a lake.

Steve is gearing up for his yearly El Salvador mission trip. He will be co-leading a team of 19 students. This yearly trip really refreshes him and refuels his passion for the gospel and great commission, although it means extra time without daddy :(

I was thrilled to look out my window this morning and see many inches of snow :) And thankful I did not have to go anywhere today as I watched about 3 cars get stuck on our street! Unfortunately, the snow was not the best snowman making snow, but darn it! we were going to make a snowman sometime this year, so above is the picture of our "snowhead". You can see how proud Eli is of his decorating abilities!Here is Zeke shoveling the many heavy inches of snow!

I was NOT thrilled on Sunday when Abby came down with the stomach virus...wondering when rounds 3-6 will come about...sigh...

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