Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Christmas celebration

We headed over to our last Christmas vacation stop for more good food and fun! And we made a few important discoveries while we were there :)

Here's the crazy bunch during gift opening:

Scary man
Our cute baby cousin
Leah shares her candy with her candy-loving cousins!

Doug uses Micah's binoculars to find the clue for his real present:

Eli's desire for a real dog is satisfied for the time being by receiving this great big stuffed dog, which he named Dakota and absolutely LOVES!
Thanks to our hosts for putting up with us!

And here were some of our important discoveries:

Uncles make good jungle gyms!
Must use authentic Diet Coke with Mentos to make a crowd-pleasing explosion!

Micah is a pool shark!
We may need to explain that there is no "billiard God"!

Aunt Roberta still spoils us with awesome desserts and meals!!!!

We miss everyone already!

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