Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas at the Lake #2

After Christmas, we traveled a whole hour (!) to spend Christmas with Steve's family. The days were filled with fun, fun, and more fun! We enjoyed not having to drive 8 hours to Wisconsin this year, but appreciate all the travel Steve's brothers and fams had to endure...sorry! And I think I may have to fire my photographer...there are not enough photos this year (serious, not sarcastic!). Dave, I think he thought you were taking them all!

Let's see...there was ice skating, eating, playing with baby Otis, eating, gift opening, eating, new house projects, eating, photo ops, eating, Kung Fu, eating, pool playing, snacking, wrestling with uncles....and dishes... :)

Uncle Dan approved the skating at this new lake:

Uncle Jeff teaches Abby how to skate...Abby adores her uncle!

"Girlie nails" from Aunt Chris and uncle Jeff...perfect fun for our BG

Micah continues to be a character

Photo book remembering Wisconsin

Zeke gets his own pool stick that is required to stay at grandma's
I guess we were practicing our Kung Fu kicks in honor of receiving Kung Fu Panda from Uncle Dave and Aunt Kim?

I have just one more Christmas festivity page to post, I promise!

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