Thursday, January 14, 2010

From the mouths of babes

Here are some sayings I have heard out of the mouths of my babes this week:

"Daddy! Stop swallowing me!" ~Zeke (playing Mario Bros on the Wii)

"Stop jumping on my head!" and then "Come on, bounce on my head!" ~all of them on the Wii

"I'm a-ba-ack" ~Micah (you have to be familiar with Mario Bros on the Wii for this one!)

"But Zeke, I can FLY." ~ Abby

"Mommy, do you know you're sinning when you yell at me?" ~Eli


1 comment:

  1. Em, you always capture all of these moments so richly, I love catching up on the family through your artistic and loving eyes. Thank you! Your sister, L.