Sunday, January 17, 2010

A fun weekend...and I'm all worn out!

We had a fabulous weekend that started with a traditional ( close as I could get) Norwegian meal. I almost had a complete breakdown before dinner, though, because I could not find the recipe book I had gotten from the library!!! I had my menu, all the ingredients...I wandered around the house for 45 minutes searching for the book. My last memory of it was when Eli was trying to read it and I moved it off the kitchen table to the couch. Sure enough, after the third move of the couch, there it was...sigh...
Anyway, everything was really quite simple to make and the kids were all good sports in trying pretty much everything. I even found some Gjetost at Kroger and Kavli crispbread at Meijer! How fun! We had our dinner and fruit soup dessert (which really ended up just being replaced by ice cream for most) and then watched Night at the Museum #2. I think there were only 3 things I really winced about during this movie...and we skipped the kissing scenes. Here is Eli eating a boiled potato:

Saturday we had a great day at Steve's mom's house, sharing the perfect ice with some friends. We watched the movie again, skated, and the women even got in some Dominoes!

Needless to say, today was way too busy...I'm not sure how much school I'll be doing this week...we have a playdates scheduled, a play to attend, a van that is way overdue for an oil change, drycleaning to pick up, new family pictures to frame, a daddy leaving town, and then mommy joining him for a few days...

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