Saturday, February 26, 2011

?Traditional vs. transitional vs. contemporary?

Which style am I? This is (saddly) what is occupying my brain power these days. I've looked at hundreds of light fixtures over the last few days and am finding that my tastes are all over the place! Maybe you can help me! Take a look at these links and let me know which one you think I should go with in our new home! We close this coming Wednesday and we are VERY excited to get in there and get started with the work!!!! Guess which ones are the designer's choices and which are mine :)

The Bellamy line? - Wall Sconce 1Lt

The Abbeyville line? - Wall Sconce 1Lt

The Lacey will coordinate with the Abbeyville... - Wall Sconce 1Lt

Vanity lights? Lilly line? - Bath 2Lt

Or Bellamy line? - Bath 2Lt


  1. hey em! i like the look of the more "traditional" lines that you posted (abbeyville, lilly, etc) I think that because they are permanent fixtures, you'll do better to go with something more traditional that you can "pull" modern or traditional with decorating depending on how your styles change over time. i'm thinking of pottery barn or crate and barrel... they have a lot of styles that go very modern or very traditional, but both would go well with the abbeyville and lilly... :)

  2. Thanks for your thoughts :) I have a few more I should email your for your thoughts...

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