Saturday, February 26, 2011

Non-school Review

It was OK to play in the middle of the road today!
Is it spring yet?

This past week has been say the least! Our co-op was cancelled on Tuesday because of the big snow we had on Sunday night, which gave me the time I needed to get our grocery shopping done for the week. Looking back, perhaps I should have done school that day! But we really did need groceries...I was scrounging for meals by then anyway! Then Wednesday morning we took Steve to the bus stop to catch his Mega-bus to Chicago (which he learned never to take again...). That made us start school a few hours late on Wednesday morning. Then on Thursday, Abby woke up with her 3rd fever in 9 days...she'd have a fever for a couple days, then it would disappear, only to reappear a few days later. That same morning Zeke woke up really complaining of a sore throat and when I looked in his throat, I saw some white spots. They were in no shape for school (and I rarely hand out sick days). We got into the doctor's office that evening and those two tested positive for strep. That evening, my mother-in-law spent the night since she had lost power that day. Friday, I woke up with a sore throat and headed straight for the doctor's office, but I was clear. I sent Z & A home with my mother-in-law since they were going to have another sick day and I was supposed to meet the designer and a painter at the new house in the afternoon. I took the younger boys with me to get my first round of carpet samples and to my meeting at the new house... To my frustration and disappointment, the realtor that is "taking care of the house for the bank" never showed up to let us into the new house...argh! Steve and I thought we had confirmed this meeting, and he never contacted us about not being there. I was very frustrated since I had two people with me, wanting to get into the house! This realtor has been very odd to work with. He will not let our own realtor have access to the house, there is no lock box on the house, he says he needs to be there every time we want to get into the house, and he only gives us one hour sharp to be there, then hovers over us until we are out the door. We have been trying to get quotes from drywallers and Wednesday, this will not be a problem any more! But Steve wanted to have the drywall repair starting ASAP--the first week we own the house. I wonder when we'll actually start the work now....

WHEW! What a whirlwind. The next 4-6 weeks are going to be very spotty as far as school is concerned as well. I'm pretty much only going to plan a couple days of school per week, when Steve has his full days at the office. One of his full days falls on our co-op day, and we do not do any of our school on those days since we are gone all morning and then have a friend from co-op over for a couple hours in the I will only have Monday and Fridays as a full day of school and probably Wednesday for a half day. The rest of the week, during Steve's non-clinical times, we will be spending a lot of time tranistioning into the new house. My mom will be here the third week of March...hopefully for some of the last hauls over to the new house?!?!? So...I've just got to do what I can during this transition time until we get settled again. I'll keep you posted!

I was really excited for science this week...and then couldn't do any of it! I have been using my own resources for science based off of the outline that is in the Creation to Greeks TM. So, the past few weeks, we have been reading some things about birds and I printed out a lapbook for each child to do for our bird section. But, only Eli got to do a few things on his since he was not sick. I also ordered some owl pellets to dissect and am excited to do this next week.

We did go ahead and start The Children's Homer, even though I am not finished with The Hittite Warrior. I think I can do both books for a couple of weeks--we'll probably move our reading of The Hittite Warrior to bedtime. I see that a lot of you have gotten the audio book for The Children's Homer...I should check and see if our library has it. My kids love listening to books on CD! Zeke seems very interested in all the Greek Mythology...he's been reading a few extra Greek Mythology books I placed in our book basket.

Zeke is working on writing a "tall tale" for English and seems to enjoy the planning stages. Abby is working on a letter, although she writes quite a few letters on her own. We will do the chapter, however, so her curriculum stays lined up with Zeke's. And we just keep plugging away on math. I have had to skip a lot of the vocab and art in CtG curriculum the last few weeks to keep up!


  1. If you try to order the audio version of Childrens Homer, on Amazon, you can get it free with a free trial of The you get a free book as well. But, even if someone else reads it, we are still lost and bored. We decided to give it up. I'm kinda disappointed. It was looking forward to it.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Jen! I read that on your blog too. I'm sorry the book wasn't working out for you guys. I wonder how far we'll make it through. I've only done one chapter so far, and I too have trouble pronouncing everything. I know nothing about Homer and the Iliad/Odyssey. But, this is the beauty of homeschooling, right? If it is not working for your children, you have the freedom to skip it or change it! :)

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