Friday, February 4, 2011

Long Overdue Review--Weeks 16 & 17

What is this picture? Only part of the project that I've been waiting all year (or maybe longer...) to do!!!!! Read on to see the final product!
Among all the other craziness happening (boxes scattered ALL over the house, the basement becoming crowded with actual packed boxes, snow storms, bruised tailbones, to name a few!), we are plugging away in school. I've just loved the Creation to the Greeks Bible and history this year. I don't think I ever studied world history in school, so I am learning as much as the kids!

Last week we read about Moses and the Bronze Serpent and the end of his life leading the Israelites. This week, it was Joshua and his campaigns to claim the promised land. I have been using some coloring sheets and extra projects from and this site. This helps the younger kids stay involved. Zeke doesn't touch them though, but he can hang in there with the content much better. As I was packing up yet another bookshelf, I found a Bible Hero book I had from a few years back and can use it for some projects with Gideon and Samson next week. Here are the kids with their models of bronze serpents on poles, and Zeke and Abby playing a game of Senet!

The kids are really soaring through math this year. Nothing seems to challenge Eli, but he is faithful in "doing the basics". He is already half way through Alpha in Math U See and going through Singapore 1A at the same time. Abby has almost finished her Beta Matu U See book, so I will be starting her with the Singapore 2A book soon as well. Zeke just finished up an area and perimeter section in Singapore 4A and has started decimals. He is finding the first decimal lessons very "easy". But I've been trying to keep him challenged by reviewing fractions and doing drill work on the Math Shark. Steve picked out some test books from Border's a few months ago and we have been using those on homework nights to add some critical thinking work for all the kids. Eli loves doing these books, and it is a good challenge for Zeke and Abby.

English is still proving a challenge for one particular student :) I'm not sure how many years you must go over common vs. proper nouns, possessives, and other seemingly basic things before they "stick" with the student. Abby just wrote her first book report and it was very cute (see following picture)! Zeke wrote a book review rather than a book report this year. We butted heads one day on it, but other than that, he did well (or I got regained composure and laid off of him ???) :) Eli loves reading his little stories from Sing, Spell, Read and Write, but can't get enough of them. He can read at such a higher level than he can write. I started him on the spelling tests and sentence work this week and he seemed very excited to have the added challenge.

All the kids are loving the read aloud Treasures of Snow. I usually read 2 chapters a day because they are begging for more by the end of one. They totally get engrossed in the story and with the characters. They really did not like Annette for quite a while!

Micah continues to be very LOUD. Somedays I just can't stand the noise and end up putting him down for his nap all in a huff...sigh...I wish I was more of a natural "leader". I know if I just pulled out an activity and got him going on it, he would be OK while I get the reading done for the older kids, but I cannot even get to that place mentally sometimes! And I'm not sure when he will remember any of his letters. But he does like to do his "school work". This week, he started getting out his little activity bags that he brings home from his co-op preschool class. I've been meaning to put them all in a container and bring them out at certain times for him to use, but I haven't gotten that far yet...they are all just jammed in his desk. I'm glad he was self-motivated this week! Last week, he also made a couple really cute pictures! This is a painting of him and Zeke jumping on the trampoline!

And, here it is! We have been waiting to do this project for quite some time. We actually started it in October, with the first layer of paper maiche. Added a few more layers last week, and completed it this week! The kids have had fun playing some kind of "King Tut" game all week.

Paper Maiche:

Gold Spray Paint:

Acrylic Paint:

Even Micah participates:

The final product...Yeah!!!

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