Monday, November 8, 2010

School Review

In our Creation to the Greeks curriculum, we are having a really great time this year reading through Genesis, although I do have to edit out quite a bit of material :) They know that when I have them shut their Bibles so they can't read along with me that it is something inappropriate for children to read! Today, we were discussing Jacob's twelve sons and filling out a sheet for their history notebooks on all the sons...Zeke noticed that along with the two wives of Jacob, two servants were also listed as moms! We did not focus our attention there, however! We have been learning a lot about Egyptian art over the last week, and this year, will turn our attention to Egyptian homes and home life. Aren't these pictures amazing, by Eli and Abby?! I have been tempted on many occasions to cut out the art portion of the curriculum, but I am glad that I have kept at it. However, we have been failing miserably with Vivaldi!!!

And this is Zeke's tomb painting.
In other subjects, Zeke is stellar at fractions! We've been focusing on mixed numbers for the last few lessons. He is, however, less than stellar at his English this year. The writing is actually going ok, but the grammar lessons are more of a challenge for him than they ever have been! I'm not exactly sure what is going on...we have decided to give him an extra English sheet as homework every night. He was not happy about this at first, but now that he sees that it is really not that much work, he has a good attitude about it. He also gets some math problems every night.

Abby is doing just fine in everything. She has been less than excited when we have a coloring sheet for our history notebooks, which I find very odd. She will sit and color many other things all day long...but balks at these sheets, for some reason. I could probably be pushing her a little more in math, she only does 2 sheets a day from the Beta Math U See book. I could add some drill work for her and that would probably be good.

Eli is flying through math; I still haven't found one thing to be challenging for him...sigh...a good problem to have, I know. He sits and reads SO MUCH when I am busy instructing the other kids. I'm trying to be better at fitting in our Five In A Row lessons. This week, my goal is to make an apple pie with him! He has been getting a little too much negative attention lately and needs some positive!

Micah is still loving any school work I have for him. He hates his naps, which he reminds me very loudly and says that the other kids "get to do so much more fun school and I get to do nothing". I don't agree :) I wish I would remember to pull out the play-doh more often for him, though. We did play with FLOAM one day, and he insisted that this hanging lantern was actually a birthday hat.


  1. We skipped the art lessons this year but you're making me want to do them! I didn't even order them. Your kids did such a great job!

  2. That's precious. We, too, are doing CtG and loving it (most days!) Great blog.

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