Friday, April 16, 2010

Quiet Moments

I love these shots because it represents some of the quiet moments we have around here...occasionally, they do happen! Here is book basket time:

I love finding Abby enjoying herself outside, in God's creation. I will find her in her own little worlds so often out in our backyard. In the sandbox, on the swings, on the trampoline, in their clubhouse, and here, she made her own little desk area to sit and draw a picture. These little times are so precious to me. I love my B.G.

And here is Eli. Twice this week, he has given up waiting on me to make his lunch, so he's marched into the kitchen, announced that he's hungry and wants to make his own sandwich. He pulls out the lunch meat, cheese, and bread. This day, I just handed him a cutting mat and let him go to town! He was finished before the rest of us even sat down. I'm glad they don't have to rely on me for too much around here :)

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