Monday, April 26, 2010

Origami, Sumi-e, and Haiku

We are wrapping up our study of Japan. We had fun trying out some Sumi-e art (above), writing our own Haiku poems, and reading some great stories. I did not have fun with origami. I am not very good at it and not very patient. I managed folding the frog about 6 times today! I might have daddy try another form later this week. Poor Zeke kept telling me that I could quit, he'd pick an easier one...I think he saw the steam coming out of my ears! Here are the poems we came up was a beautiful afternoon, so we just sat on the deck writing poetry. I am not a big prose person, so this was new territory for me, but the kids are quite good at it :)

Spring is finally here
Little plants are sprouting fast
In the dirt they grow

Step outside and see!
Pretty purple blossoms bloom
Bees buzz around them

Fish move with their fins
Fast and swift they go, go, go
Up the river home

My favorite hi-light of the week is this:

Zeke wrote a biography! It was nice to have our English curriculum coincide with our read aloud book assignment! We had just finished the David Livingstone Heroes Then and Now book, so it was very natural for Zeke to pick him for his biography. We had one tough day where we butted our stubborn heads, but other than that, he did an excellent job!

We are starting our tour of Russia tomorrow, and hope to finish up Australia by the time we leave for 16 days...but a lot of other things have to happen in 16 days too!!! I have forgotten the camera for two big events this past week: gymnastics ribbon class and Eli's Day out with Thomas trip with Daddy and buddy Isaac! I'd forget my head too if I had to think about collecting it before going out the door! I will try to do better this week and get some shots of soccer games, since we spend many hours a week at soccer fields!


  1. LOVE IT!!!
    Nice poem. It's National Poetry Month!
    BTW your top two books are also on my list maybe we should set our watches and read them together and discuss?

  2. I just finished Heretic Queen...wasn't feeling well this weekend, so sat and read for two days :) It was good!

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