Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sick Days and Homeschooling

We had a pretty light week of school this week. Zeke was recovering from the flu (fever/body ache version) last weekend, so we took Monday completely off. Then Eli came down with the fever, so he hung (literally) on the couch all week! Poor daddy has been under the weather since Thursday night, and Abby came down with the fever tonight. Micah had the seasonal flu shot back in September; I'm curious to see if he comes out of this without anything. I hope, hope, hope I do not get this bug! I am supposed to go on one of my scrapbooking retreat weekends next weekend and really don't want to get sick before or during it :(

We have really enjoyed some of our book basket books this week. I found a handful on food chains and decomposers to go along with our science for the week. Zeke is almost finished with his math book, and I'm excited to start his next book! Abby is doing great with Math U See and it makes me wonder if I should have stuck it out longer with Zeke and that curriculum...oh well, I think Zeke is doing great with Singapore, we just need more drilling. Speaking of drilling, we had dental appointments this week too...always fun to see daddy at work (and no one had any cavities)! Anyways, my favorite highlight of the week was watching the original Incredible Journey video. The story is set in Canada (the country we are studying this week), so we made a movie night out of it! The kids loved it. I am skipping all art projects these two weeks; I'm just not up for it. The igloo projects in the Trip Around the World interested me a little more, so we may do one of those coming week instead. Oh, and I am pretty uncomfortable with the picture and description Living World gives for "animal life" this coming week, so I found some books at JoAnn's this weekend that I am more comfortable with. Did anyone else using ECC hesitate on this lesson too, or is it just me? Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Ethan is using Singapore Math this year too.
    Stay well my friend.

  2. I did not read ahead and just jumped right into the Living World section on animal reproduction. (oops) I decided to go ahead with it and it turned out ok. BUT, we were at the point in the day when the attention span was short and I did not elaborate on any of it. I also did not ask for any drawings or writing on it. If your child is one who asks questions and must know all the details, then I would skip it.

    I'm sorry you are dealing with some illness in your home. Just keep those hands washed and hope for the best! Hopefully you'll get to go on your scrapbooking adventure without any issues!