Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gotta Scrap is my Highlight!

Well, I had a hi and low light of the week. The low light: I did get sick! This darn virus hit every one of us. Luckily, I only had a fever 2 days, and one of the days was Steve's day off, so I spent the entire day in bed. I did have 2 of the kids for most of the day while Steve took 2 of the boys to the LEGO exhibit at The Henry Ford Museum. I survived with Motrin and Movies!

My hi-light was that I my fever was gone by Friday and I got to go to my Scrapping weekend away!!!! YEAH!!!! My head was a bit stuffy the entire time, so I did not get as much completed as I usually do, but it was fun and refreshing. I think I needed some time away from at least one child in particular to re-group and get re-motivated to connect and work with this child. :)

I know that has nothing to do with school, so here we go. Amazingly, even though I was sick for 2 days, we stayed caught up and got everything done. I found the Canada days pretty light, so I did almost the whole week's geography and science on Mon-Wed. When I collapsed with a fever on Wed afternoon, most of our school for the week was done. Zeke completed one of his math books this week, so he got a nice treasure for his hard work and we get to move on to a new book this week. Abby was sick all week, so she did not do a lick of school. I got Eli back on track after his sick week last week.

I have to confess that I am not all that crazy about our bible times. I feel like the Hero Tales is simply an extra that I'm having trouble tying in...sometimes we can discuss a character trait while reading the read aloud, but beyond that...I'm just not sure how it ties in....I was not fond of reading about adultery and divorce to my children (reading through Matthew)...usually MFW does a good job in their notes giving you things to discuss about the verses they map out for you, but I'm not finding that to be the case this year. My 8 year old hangs in there with everything we do and we have some great discussions about things, but I think it is just too much for my 6 year old. I've got some things to think about and figure out....

Here are some pictures of a few fun things from the school week:

Eli enjoying his igloo project :)

Micah's igloo (he's not that impressed...)

Zeke enjoyed this project.

The boys had fun at the LEGO exhibit at The Henry Ford:

Daddy took the kids to fall clean-up day with our church:

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  1. I'm not really understanding the tie-in with Hero Tales either, although we faithfully do it. As we read through Matthew, I do the best I can to explain the passage, as appropriate.

    I'm so impressed that you were able to complete your lessons through your illness! Way to go! And I'm glad to hear that you still got to go on your scrapping weekend!

    Motivation is a struggle for us, especially for my oldest. She rarely strives to work harder or do better in school. She just wants to get in & get out so that she can go play. In her own time, she'll engineer the most creative contraptions and I wonder if that's where her mind is during school! =) I keep hoping that she'll mature and find that drive to do better.

    Anyway, you're doing such a great job and looks like you're having so much fun! =)