Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A few fun things have already happened this week that I wanted to share. First, I a started a Beth Moore bible study last night and am SO excited about it! It is called "It's tough being a woman" and it is an in-depth study of the book of Esther. I am so excited to be on a journey that will bring me closer and to a deeper understanding of my God!

On Monday, Zeke said he was finally getting used to school and thinks he really likes it. Yeah.

Zeke received his trophy for being an undefeated team this fall. He is loving his team.

During bible time this morning, we discussed Matthew 5:43-48.. This is the part where Jesus instructs us to pray for our enemies. We were all picking one person in our life that was a little difficult to love at times and we were going to pray for those people at the end of our bible time. Well.. :) Zeke chose me! (Actually, he asked if he could choose me and I humbly said yes :) ) I'm so glad he has no real enemies in his life right now. I just thought this was hilarious and great. I can see how I am difficult for him to love at times, I really can. Ha! :)


Abby has 2 VERY loose front teeth, so I'm sure we'll be singing "All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth"!!!! Abby has also been very excited to start her own spelling tests. She is very self-motivated in her school work and it is precious!


Eli is loving dressing like his daddy and confiscated this button down shirt from the dirty laundry yesterday, and this is his 3rd day in a row wearing it! He asked me to take this picture this morning:

He and I also had a theological discussion the other day about why he still does bad things even if he has Jesus in his heart. It was so precious to see his mind thinking about such things! Wow!


Micah is still not feeling 100% and seems really tired all the time. His cute thing this week was picking out my earrings for me. If he is toddling around when I am getting ready in the morning, he opens up my earring drawer, picks out a pair, and says "You want to wear these rings today, mommy?" How could I ever say no? (well, I do if they really don't match....)


  1. Emily, I saw your comment/question about how lapbooking works. I'll try to post a step-by-step on my blog, but here's a quick (or not-so) run-down. Lapbooking reinforces lessons learned on various subjects while allowing children to use their creativity. If you're studying South America, your lapbook title would be "South America." We use file folders (colored, if possible) for the lapbook. Open the folder, then fold each edge into the middle so that it opens like shutters. We often use 2 folders, finding creative ways to fold them so they all fit as one lapbook. The information that goes in it will be taken from what the child learns about the subject. So, for S. America, your child would likely have a map of the continent (he/she might color-code it to show where the rain forest, Andes Mountains, & desserts are). He/she might include info on the rain forest, mountaints, Brazil, industry, animals, people, etc. What goes in it is really up to you and your child, according to their interests. They may even want to be even more specific and just do one on the Amazon Rain Forest. The creativity is limitless and it really helps the kids retain what they have learned. Mine are proud to share their lapbooks with others, which reinforces the info again!

    I feel like I haven't explained it well, so I'll try my best to get somewhat of a tutorial on my blog. In the meantime, google "lapbooking" and I'm sure you'll find some useful information. It's really fun, but I will say, it can be time-consuming. It is worth the time spent though. =)

  2. Thanks, Lisa. The idea really does sound appealing to me. I've just got to spend some time organizing if I want to implement this. I think my kids would really enjoy it too.