Thursday, October 15, 2009

School Days

We have had a pretty good week of school here. Just thought I'd share some pics of the daily happenings here. And I am so excited to ALMOST have our basement back to full functioning order after...a year or so!!!! Zeke painted his first wall with daddy tonight! One more coat tomorrow night, carpet on Saturday...aahhhh...I plan on setting up a LARGE pre-school/toddler play area for the younger boys! It will be so nice to have that space back in working order! See you after some birthday celebrations this weekend!

OK, here we go:

1) LOADS of laundry!

2) Winter hat time!

3) Yarn Art

4) Great-Grandma was here to help, thank goodness!

5) YES! I get to play with glue!!!!!!

6) Micah helps with breakfast while mommy is not looking...


  1. Your yarn art turned out so good! We didn't try that. Maybe we should still do it. My kids love those kind of projects. Are you in Canada yet?

  2. It would be great to have Grandma around to help out during art! We took our tissue paper flower project to Grandma's house when we went for a visit but she couldn't help because she just had knee surgery. She had just come home from the hospital that day. My daughter gave her one of the flowers that she made. She is so giving. It was so precious!