Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mexico Weeks

In school, we are plugging along, but had to take a break this week. We have had back-to-back grandma visits. The kids would rather hang out with grandma than do english :) But, we did manage to finish up most of our Mexico work last week and we are just doing a light week this week, waiting to start in Canada next week. Here is our attempt at sand painting.

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I think I got a little grumpy cleaning up the mess from this project!

Our first pinata completely fell apart:

so we did real paper-mache on our second attempt and it worked much better! We are planning on breaking it Friday night during our Fiesta, and we have a grandma and grandpa in town to join us for it! My husband asked a good friend to join us too...and make us dinner!!!! This friend grew up in Mexico, so is going to come and make a truly authentic dish for us. I'm hoping to have the kids come up with one question each to ask him about growing up in Mexico. We have enjoyed reading all the Mexico books from our book basket. I also wanted to try doing one of the extra activities in a Trip Around the World. We made these physical maps of Mexico with clay; I think the kids liked it! I'm positive we placed mountains and deserts in the wrong locations...oops!

And we did a trip to the botanical gardens and it was fabulous! I'll have to post that another time! Can't wait to share our fiesta photos!

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