Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 1, Try 2

Yes, that's correct. I had to start our school year TWICE this year! I attempted last week with 2 half days because of labor day and a grandma visit...and just decided to scrap it and try again this week. MUCH BETTER. Aaaaahhhhh. I was worried all last week that it was going to be an awful school year. But alas, these last 3 full days of school have been mostly great :) Eli continues to love his school time, especially working on his math. Zeke, while he may complain a little too much for mom's liking, generally has a very good work ethic and dives into whatever subject we are working on. He has enjoyed getting back to math and starting geography this year. Abby is at such a nice age! She loves school, is working hard on learning place value this year in math, and will occasionally sit in on a science lesson. Zeke and Abby are both taking piano this year, and loving it! We are in for a fun year!

Did I mention Micah has had 2 whole accident free days?!?! The boy is almost potty-trained, hurray!!!!! I never thought I'd see the day when my house would be diaper free...we're almost there!

Here are some pics of the last few weeks:

Our trip to Greenfield Village with grandma Marilyn

Zeke's first club soccer game. We miss his friends on his rec team, but decided to try a new team this year...

Here's what I (younger brother) do at soccer games: (yes, that's his gum!)

And pics from our first week of school:

I think this library bus that comes to our neighborhood one night a week will become a regular stop for me this year! I can request my books online, and they will practically deliver them to my doorstep (well, I guess I have to walk a block to retrieve them...)

A sample of Abby's artwork :)

Our backyard habitat science project today that Abby really enjoyed:

Discussing our results:

Abby practicing place value using Math-U-See. She enjoyed doing this lesson on the living room floor!

We are using the Exploring Countries and Cultures curriculum from My Father's World this year and I am very excited about it. This project the "John 3:16 poster" was really powerful. Thanks to my mom for all the GREAT pics of people from so many countries! Stepping back and looking at all the people surrounding John 3:16 brought tears to my eyes. I know that God loves everyone in the world so much that he sent his one and only Son...but taking the time to look at the eyes of some of these pictures of people...very powerful. The whole time we were working on this project around the kitchen table, the kids were singing the lyrics to "Give Me Your Eyes" by Brandon Heath! How appropriate! We pointed out the people who looked sad and hopeless, and they picked the same ones I was thinking! I need to remember to look into the eyes of my children, husband, family, neighbors, grocery store clerk, friends in the same way. A surprisingly powerful project, and an example of why I love homeschooling and My Father's World material.


  1. Happy Schooling!
    That bookmobile sounds like a dream.
    Diaper free!! You should celebrate and take yourself out to coffee. Way to go momma.
    Amy E

  2. Library bus!!! That is so cool. We are major fans of the Village and the museum. We try to go to the village atleast once or twice a month in the nice weather and the museum more in the winter when there is nothing else to do. We even meet up with our homeschool group once a month for a group trip. We all have passes. It's wonderful.

  3. How nice to have a library bus come so close to home! The beginning of your year sounds great. Sometimes, it's best to shut down and restart - just like a computer! We just started week 3 on Monday. It's going well for us so far too!

  4. Great to see so many MFW homeschoolers out there! I am loving reading everyone else's experiences with ECC. Thanks for reading!