Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Two-Year Old Moment

Micah is two. And he is a man who knows what he wants. Today, he wanted to eat his yogurt with a ladle. He walked over to the silverware drawer and asked for a "big spoon". After rejecting several of my selections of "big spoons", he stood on his tiptoes, saw the ladle, pointed and said "that scoopy one." I don't know why he wanted to eat his yogurt with a ladle. But I let him. I am not one to hinder anyone's creativity :) Sure it was messy, but worth it. I won't have a two year old very much longer...might as well cherish the moments!

In other news, Steve and I just watched the movie "Fireproof". Very powerful and incredibly real. I suggest it for anyone who is married! Remember Kirk Cameron? This is the first time I've seen him in anything since Growing Pains. Not a movie that is largely publicized, but a movie so many need to see.

Coming soon...Steve's practice is getting a new "identity" ...will try to post some of his new stuff soon! Pretty cool!

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