Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It takes Humility

I think God is trying to teach me more about humility:

Lesson #1
A few nights ago, as Zeke was stalling his bedtime by f-o-l-d-i-n-g a T-shirt to put away, I got a little grumpy. When he was finally in bed, he had a pouty look on his face. **sigh** "What's the matter, Zeke?" "Nothing." **sigh** "What is the matter, Zeke. You look really sad." "It's nothing." "It is something. Now tell me what's the matter." "Why do you always look so angry?" AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!

Mature, desired response: "I'm sorry, buddy. I'm just tired and would like you to get to bed. I don't mean to be angry. Will you forgive me?" Kiss goodnight.

My response: "Because you pout about everything I ask you to do!" GGRRRR

Thank you, Jesus for your grace and the chance to try again tomorrow!

Lesson #2
Another bedtime story...this time Abby is bothering Eli while I'm trying to read his bedtime story, which she had been invited to sit in on. After some unkind remarks to her brother she steals his Webkinz horse, Whitefoot and begins to "kiss" the stuffed animal. Well, that just pushed me over the edge. "GET TO YOUR BED, ABBY!" I finish Eli's bedtime with one ear on the whimpering and crying from Abby's room.

I decide to lecture Abby about how she was behaving and, out of the kindness of my heart, offer to read her one of her bible devotionals instead of sending her to bed with no stories. She asked me to pick one, so I picked one entitled "Beautiful Lips". "Good, I think to myself. Abby could use a lesson on not kissing at the ripe age of 6." Let's just say, the lesson was not at all directed to Abby and her kissing, but to me and my SPEECH!!!!! Yes, I was having ugly lips and needed a reminder on what kind of words come out of beautiful lips. OK, Lord. Sorry again.

I am often humbled that the "issues" I think my kids are having may actually be MY issues. God is constantly pruning off the branches in me that are not bearing fruit. I'm so glad He is constantly at work in my life, and that He uses my children to keep me humble. I definitely think this is a year I need to work on my speech, tone, and patience. Pray for me if you have a moment!!!!

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