Friday, August 28, 2009

More Maine Fun

A few other fun adventures:

We hiked to the highest point on the island. A nice trail up big rock for a beautiful view! Here's me and Micah, Zeke, Lauren, Tammy, Eli and Sam.

A boat trip into some serious fog.

Seal sightings!

A trip on a real lobsterman's boat!


Snuggling and reading with Aunt Lolo

Zeke's first official dive

Relaxing on the deck

Dance Parties

Movie nights


Craft time

Steve's training in preparing lobsters for eating

And our last boat trip on our last day there was to the White Islands for a view of some AWESOME and HUGE waves...we think it was from the hurricane? It rained bucketloads the night before, but ended up being a beautiful day! Thanks to Aunt Paulie for the pic! A perfect ending...

Goodbye, North Haven! See you in 2011 (hopefully)! Thanks mom and John for an amazing time!

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