Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Boston, Day 3

This is the view of the Old North Church that we had every day! Zeke was really looking forward to visiting the church, and he even did a little geo-caching on the premises!

Yes, I am eating a cannoli for breakfast. I'm on vacation!

These are the booths that families would rent at the church. In today's dollar it comes to $25,000 a year! Something tells me we would have been kicked out of church quite often... :)

After our visit to the Old North Church, which had my favorite gift shop of the trip, we hopped on the T again and met Steve's second cousin, Marge, down at the Public Garden. We rode the swan boats and saw Mrs. Mallard, Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack!

After our tour of the Public Garden, Marge and Steve walked back to grab the car while I took the kids across the street to the Frog Pond again. It was SO hot this day! The kids gladly cooled off and skipped another walk across town. When the van arrived, we piled in and Marge gave us a driving tour of Beacon Hill, Commonwealth Ave, Newbury Street, and then we headed across the river to Cambridge. We drove by MIT and then parked and spent some time walking around the Harvard Square. Finally had a nicer meal at a restaurant, shopped for our Hahvahd souvenirs, and ended with ice cream. Thanks for the great afternoon, Marge! So glad we got to see you!
To make the last night in Boston super special for the kids, we told them that we would take them to one of the outdoor fountains that they had been dying to run and splash in. We would pass a few a day and see kids running around in the fountains and they'd always want to stop and, finally, they got to join in the fun! That was great fun seeing the smiles and excitement on their very tired faces. I think we left the condo at 8pm for the rather long walk to the largest fountain we had seen. They had a blast. Eli was a bit pooped out, but he kept it together so his older siblings could have their fun. A knock to Zeke's loose tooth almost ended his fun, but he decided to not let it bother him too long and was back in the fountain for another hour.

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