Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maine, the way life should be

I believe we saw that statement on numerous bumper stickers driving on up to Maine, and it is true! We ended our trip with a fabulous 5 days in North Haven, Maine. Our first activities once off the ferry included running down to the beloved boathouse and searching for crabs amidst the seaweed during low tide. The next day, we ventured to Spectacle Island for a picnic and exploration. We ended the day with a Lobster dinner. And that is what you do in Maine!

On the ferry to North Haven...

The Boathouse

Searching for crabs in the seaweed

On the boat headed to Spectacle...

Sam on vacation...and loving life

Zeke's first attempt at ocean swimming for the year...

Meet Abby's BFF, her cousin Skyler. These two are inseparable. They spend amazing amounts of time together...and never bother each other at all!

The group on Spectacle

After his first attempt, Zeke becomes an avid ocean swimmer! Jumping off the dock into the frigid water was one of his favorite activities this year!

Lobsters before...

And lobsters after!

Don't worry...more to come for Maine another night!

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