Thursday, January 12, 2012

From Founding to the Fall ... of Rome

Since I did not do much blogging at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year, I thought I would lump a whole lot of review of Rome to the Reformation all together! I know I always appreciate seeing the work other homeschooling families are doing--knowing that I'm not alone, that there ARE others out there doing the same thing I am, especially with the same curriculum! It is so re-assuring for me; I hope these pictures and homeschooling posts are helpful to others as well!
Sometimes, I completely forget about the notebook component of My Father's World curricula! Luckily, they provide some sheets for us to include in our notebooks, but I often find myself wishing after the fact that I had had the kids draw a picture of a certain topic for their notebooks, or feeling like we need to write an extra summary of a topic for it to really sink in...This year, I'm trying to remember their notebooks more often and grab the random times an idea for a notebook page flits through my mind. These are a few samples from our notebooks. They include history pages, map work, Bible time pages...the sample pages are produced by either a 5th grader, 3rd grader, or 1st grader...

ART: sample lesson pages from God and the History of Art

My 3rd and 1st grader are going through the Body Book and the Human Body for Every Kid while my 5th grader is doing the Apologia Human Anatomy textbook and notebook (he had done the Body Book in a co-op class last year)
These are our digestive models we designed this week:

And of course, we all have the totally random things we through in, like this trip to see the Animal Guy, where we got to see and touch a 3-banded armadillo, a 300+ lb python, a fruit bat, a chinchilla, a baby female king vulture, scorpions, and a kinkachu :)

And of course, we are plugging along with English and Math for everyone! I'm thinking about a big change for next year: seperate curriculum for everyone! I've never done this, but I feel like my youngest really needs his own thing and I need it all laid out for me so I can just pick up the TM and go....I already know that my 4th and 2nd grader will be doing Adventures in my Father's World while I continue on the 5 year cycle with my 6th grader, maybe overlapping a little for my 4th grader....looking forward to planning for that already!


  1. I'm right there with you on the notebooking. We always do the pages that are included, and sometimes our own here and there. I guess I'm just not clear on it. Are we supposed to do one for each historical subject we study?

    As for curriculum for next year, I'm struggling through decisions, too. Is there a reason why you're not including the 2nd & 4th graders in the 5-year cycle next year? Do you feel like it's too much for them? I ask because I have so many things about curriculum running through my own mind.

    I wish we had done the art. I suppose we could pick it up at any time, right? Our kids take an art class at co-op, so I haven't done much at home. Same with science.

    Looks like you're keeping up well though. :)

  2. I believe MFW suggests a lot of books from the Adventures curriculum as the supplements for younger students. I already have the whole Adventures curriculum, so thought I'd just put it use again with my 2nd grader. He can hang with us in history, but some of the detail I want my 5th grader to capture he does not need. It will be nice to have him doing his own thing, I think. And my 4th grader could go either way...I will look more in depth at this in the summer after I order our next year's curriculum.

    I actually don't really enjoy the art that MFW includes. I feel like it is very random and bounces from one random thing to another too much. I think doing an outside art class is great. So, you are not missing much, no worries!

    And I think a lot of people use the science classes at co-ops for their science. I just love science and was a science major, so I have a hard time not doing science as part of our school day, even though my husband has suggested cutting it out of our curriculum!

  3. That makes me feel better about art & science. I enjoy doing them, but I'm not good at it and let's be honest, it usually involves a big mess! My house if often in enough chaos as it is!

    You're right about MFW suggesting the books from Adventures for the younger ones. I have that program, too. However, I did go ahead and order MFW for next year. I probably could have went with Adventures again and added more information for my older daughter, but I'm just not that good at doing that on my own.

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