Sunday, April 17, 2011

Temporarily Done Blogging....

I am sorry to have to do this (for myself and my mom, mostly), but I have to stop blogging until we can get internet access at our new house, or until I can set up a regular "internet time" at the library, coffee shop, or Steve's office. So, I may post once in awhile, but nothing regular. When we do finally get internet service (we are s.l.o.w.l.y. working with ComCast on this), I will re-open my blog. And I am thinking of doing two blogs, one for just My Father's World following and homeshooling; and then one for more personal family pictures and postings. I love following fellow My Father's World bloggers, and don't want to bother people with too personal of postings...and vice-versa...if you are not into following my home schooling adventures, you won't have to! We will see when this all actually happens! I will try to get the blogs I follow to post on my phone, so I can keep up with you...I really enjoy reading about others' homeschooling days and adventures (especially if you are using MFW)! Thanks for reading. Bye for now and I hope I'll be back by next fall!!! The Happy Molars By the way, we are mostly settled in our house now...the first week was very hard! Our school room is up and running. I am feeling more at home everyday, and I am getting us back on our normal schedule. We've had such a busy month (moving, getting our old house cleaned and painted and on the market, end of co-op performances, 3 spring soccer schedules starting, a surprise party for my dad)...I'm looking forward to things settling down in May/June. We all know how that goes, though :)

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