Friday, January 21, 2011

The Story

The picture from my last post is...our new house! We have been "looking" for land (5+acres) for quite some time now. Once in a while, we would get on a kick of looking at houses on line, taking long Sunday drives to the outskirts of town, even calling realtors to show us a house or two. However, we've never really been in a position to move on a house. Until this year! We were tentatively planning on starting our house search this spring. Steve decided to get on our realtor's email listing this fall, so we could start seeing what types of houses/land were available and the price ranges. While casually looking over the email listing one evening, we saw this one and we both paused and thought...we should look at that one! And the rest is history!

Around December 23rd we saw the house for the first time. Steve and I just kept looking at each other, hardly believing what we were seeing! We've had our wish list going for sometime and, of course, were ready to sacrifice things on the wish list if needed. Well...this one all! Even the unfinished basement, the open floor plan, first floor master, the acreage, the pole barn... more than we were even dreaming of actually having!!!

This is a bank-owned house, which, learning from seeing a few others on-line that these kind of deals usually are snatched up in ONE day or so, we knew we had to move fast! So we went ahead and made an offer on Christmas Eve. Due to the holiday and the big snow storm that hit the east coast after Christmas, we finally heard on about Dec 28th that the bank had countered our offer, so we quickly accepted their counter offer, and that day they cancelled two other showings of the house, I think!

Right now, we have had our inspection and well and sewer inspection, we have received the purchase agreement from the bank, and the abandoned well on the property has been properly filled. We can now sign the purchase agreement, and then I think we need to close within 30 days. I have been rather guarded because of the bank-owned aspect of this house...we've been told that they have 4 other offers waiting in case anything fell through with our offer....yikes!

We do have a lot of work to do with the house before it is in move-in condition. It was not trashed by any means, but all the appliances, light fixtures and mirrors are gone, no window treatments remain, fresh paint and carpet need to, we are going to take our time transitioning, and thankfully, do not NEED to sell our current house before closing on this new house.

We have been so amazed and humbled by God's goodness. "Wow" is all I can think of to say sometimes!

Here is a shot of the dining room; the windows face the front of the house. Built-in china cabinet :)

Great room shot:
Sliding door in great room, leading to....nothing but a very dangerous drop off! No deck yet!

Appliance-less kitchen:


  1. Wow! This is so exciting! Is the move far? On another note, I am currently doing the Daniel study and LOVE it.
    Hugs from way out West,

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