Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I have to admit it: I was a scrooge today! Why, you ask? Because of this:

I H.A.T.E. gingerbread houses. GGGRRRR. I just don't have the patience for them! Who can sit for a half an hour and HOLD the house together while the 4 kids crawl all over you, spill the little round candies all over the kitchen floor, eat most of the candy that is supposed to go ON the house, lick the frosting off the table...need I continue? Clearly, these are a grandma-only type of project. My grandma was so sweet and wanted to enjoy this activity with the kids. The darn thing collapsed before I even made it off her front porch. *sigh* I will NEVER be tempted to buy another one of these again. I've actually never purchased one...and now when my 4 year old pleads for one at the store this week, I will remind him that they turn mommy into "the, the, the , THE GRINCH!" (I hope some of you have seen Jim Carrey's Grinch!)

Now mom, don't worry. I know you are sending us one this week. I will save it for the babysitter this weekend : ) HA!

There. Now with that off my chest, here are some things I LOVE about the holidays:

Advent Calendars

Christmas tree hunting

Cozy, footy pajamas on 2 year olds!


  1. I also love Christmas carols and hot drinks. We tried to make a gingerbread train this week. Same results(grumpy mommy, BIG mess, sugar filled kids) I am feeling ya.

  2. The trick to gingerbread houses is to use Royal icing, which hardens quickly, allowing you to not have to hold each piece for a long time. And prepare ahead, grouping candies together preferrably in small bowls, to help keep them contained. As far as the children eating the decorations...all I can say is to just have extra on hand! They are too yummy to resist!

    Sometimes we cheat and use graham crackers instead of gingerbread! (Shhhh, don't tell!)

  3. Well, we are going to give it another try. I kept the house my mom sent to instead of having our babysitter try it :) I am going to make the house itself the night before so it is good and sturdy for the decorating part! The kids did enjoy devouring the candy off of the broken house anyway. Whenever Eli sees a gingerbread house standing now, he says, "Wow, they did way better than we did!" :)

  4. Oh boy Em I think you are right, gingerbread houses are definately a project for Grandparents or the babysitter, while you go out and sip hot cocoa at Starbucks and take your book! Don't you think Mom would be suitable for this next year, hehe(and she is not allowed to buy one already made and decorated, that doesn't count! It's always easier to eat a gingerbread house that has already collapsed than those that are standing. I love you!