Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas

Jesus didn't come to brighten our Decembers, but to transform our lives. ~Rich Mullins
We have had fabulous Christmas celebrations with family and friends and the celebrating will continue well past the New Year as we welcome 2012 with the Gray side family visit. But here are some of our highlights of Christmas 2011.
Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village
Em and Zeke enjoy the skating rink
A break from the freezing cold.
Em and Marilyn
Eli and Abby help out the carolers

Santa sighting!
Watching the model trains
And a free carousel ride!

Christmas Morning:
We had to wake Eli up!
Cinnamon Rolls
Micah's own sled!
And LEGOs!
Favorite game from Great-Grandma
The Andrews girls!
Things like this is why she may have a broken arm! (Yes, she is sliding down the stairs with Micah's new sled!)
Getting ready to play Apples to Apples, Jr., another favorite game from grandma!
Cousin Julian visiting for the holidays from New York
Eli's new best friend!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas in New Hampshire

We have taken an extra week off of school this year to spend time with Emily's family out in New Hampshire...We had an awesome time skiing in Jay, Vermont and then at Loon Mountain in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, drinking hot chocolate, hanging out with cousin Skyler, getting feathers in our hair, getting spoiled by grandma, playing with Razzle (grandma and grandpa's Cairn Terrier), and making ornaments.

And we thought we'd really end this vacation with a bang....I mean...a fracture...buckle fracture to be exact.

The first broken bone in the Gray family. No one was very surprised that it was with Abby! Note to self: sending kids out to play in tree house during freezing rain is NOT a good idea!
We had a wonderful visit and will miss everyone so much! Thanks for all the great times! Love you all! Merry Christmas!