Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We're Back!

We have now had our internet up and running since about July! I am finally feeling like I can possibly do a blog post once in a while again! The school year started with a flurry of activity, as usual! We are in the midst of soccer mania, mosaics, togas, multiplication, co-op classes, and a pole barn remodeling project! Whew! Never a dull moment here. I am really enjoying Rome to the Reformation so far with My Father's World. We spent a couple weeks at the end of August finishing up our Greek history from Creation to the Greeks. So, everything was fresh in our minds when we started in with Rome this fall.

In Holly, Michigan, they hold a Renaissance festival every year for a few months. Although we are not there yet in history, my friend invited us to go along with them back in September and it was fun! People are totally in character wherever you go. We got to see a jousting tournament :)

The kids did really cute mosaics a couple of months ago; Zeke's was pictured above and this is Abby's more modern take on a mosaic. I love it!